Wood Pigeons return...

Hello and welcome to the April Doggie Blog,

It is that time of the year again, the wood pigeons have returned to haunt me in the garden…. At least with the new pond layout and patio I have not fallen into the pond… yet !!
My favourite toy, a dragon named George did fall in yesterday, he is currently drying off in the greenhouse.
It has been super busy again at Fisher HQ, lots of jobs have been started down the field, fence building, digging and planting veggies. The hard work is exhausting, I have my own bed to watch the humans at work.

The Master has just returned from a four day painting holiday for Big Sky Art based near Burnham Market, North Norfolk. My five star accommodation at the parents house was just as good, ginger nuts on command, Stephen taking me for walks and a beautiful log fire burning all day. What more could a girl ask for?

Listening to the humans discussing the art holiday did make me a bit jealous, apparently my Mistress was seen with the resident Jack Russell named Mars on her knee !!! we will have to have words.
Here is the Freyja feedback following the recent trip;

Luxurious 5* accommodation at the White House for 4 nights.
Full use to all areas of the White House.
Honesty bar.
Superb selection at breakfast, I hear the Danish pastries were excellent.
Pre dinner canapes and two course dinner each night.
Big, spacious barn studio for exclusive during the holiday.
Close to both village and coastal locations to paint and sketch En Plein Air, lots of painting subjects in walking distance of the White House with farm land, stables and old buildings.
Free superfast WiFi

It sounds a super base for an art holiday and the Master is already booked for April and October next year, maybe I should go next time and meet Mars, or is the lure being totally spoilt at the parents house too much, hmmmm, decisions, decisions x

Hope you all have a super Easter, looks like the weather is improving.
Here are some photos from the Big Sky Art Holiday and a photo from this morning.. spot the terrier and the pigeon.

Love Freyja x

pigeon freyjabig-sky-art-brancaster-staithewhite-house-nea- burnha-mmarketart-holidaynorfolk

Happy hedge laying !

Hello and apologies for not writing since New Year,

It has been nonstop here at Fisher HQ and I cannot believe I sit here pawing through the latest doggie blog and the calendar is reading Friday 1st March.

January saw us in the Lake District for a 4 day break walking and collecting reference photos for painting and sketching. The weather was dreadful on the first day with driving rain and wind, it was awful and it was a such a relief to get back to the hotel and the log fire to warm up and dry off. The next few days were glorious, as you can see from the photo below taken at Elterwater looking back to the Langdale Pikes.

My master has been kept super busy recently;

1. Writing articles for the Leisure Painter magazine
2. Busy planting lots of vegetable seeds ready for the new growing season ( I hope there are LOTS of carrots)
3. Dismantling and moving our small greenhouse to a new location in the back garden.
4. Laying a section of hedge at our field just outside the village and this forms the main news of this months blog.
5. Clearing a section in the field ready for next years poly tunnel and fencing it to keep the sheep out.

We have owned the field for quite a few years now, I had the honour of taking over from the legendary Purdey the Parson Jack Russell. There are many tales regarding Purdey and most of them include spending many, many happy hours digging in the black, sticky, smelly mud on the riverbank.
However I am totally different in that respect, mud is just not my forte, I would much sooner snuggle down and take time observing the humans at work.

The hedge alongside the roadside of the field has been neglected for many years and Tim has laid a couple of sections in previous years. There was a gap in the art calendar, so just over a week ago we all spent a few days tackling the mammoth job, me as chief foreman and doggy alert for the kettle boiling for a cuppa in the shed.
My mistress was in charge of dragging all the brash created into the field and piling it up ready for a big bonfire. They both worked extremely hard and villagers have commented on walking by, what a good job has been done.

The art demonstration and workshop season has begun which meant the computer was free today for me to write to you all.
There are some super workshops and holidays coming up, see the Tutoring in the UK page

I have posted some photos of the hedge laying, looking brilliant, very proud dog, I have clever owners xxx

See you next month,
Freyja xx


Here's to a Happy New Year 2019

Hello and welcome to the nearly New Year doggy blog,

I hope you have all had a good Christmas, not eaten too much and have enjoyed catching up with family and friends.
It has been busy in the Fisher household, with different sets of family visiting over the Christmas holiday.
There have been some mouth watering smells coming from the kitchen and I have been practising the best big doggy eyes hoping to be chief taste tester !

Christmas Day was excellent, three more cuddly toys to run around with and a doggy selection box from Stephen, one of my favourite humans xx
Boxing Day saw the grandson and family arrive with Poppy the Sprocker, we had a smashing time tearing around the fields playing ball. Poppy loves water and had a great time diving into the river, I preferred to watch from the riverbank, wild water swimming in December is not my idea of fun.

The Master has spent the holiday catching up on reading his new books and today is busy down the field chopping wood to keep the log burner supplied and me cosy and warm.

Next year is starting to look good, there is talk of a trip to the Lake District, so I will be able to walk around in my new fleece jacket.
The caravan site brochures have also been studied, so here's to more adventures in 2019 for me to write about.

Wishing all my readers a Happy New Year 2019 and hope all your dreams and wishes come true.
Photos see me snuggling with 2 new toys and asking for more wood on the log burner !

See you next year,
Freyja xx


Squirrels !!

Hello and a much cooler welcome to Novembers blog,

It has been another interesting past month here at Fisher HQ, the Master has been busy with demonstrations and workshops, as well as fetching the winter firewood home. Regular readers will know that I LOVE the log burner and like nothing better than snuggling up next to the heat.
The humans always comment that with firewood you get warm 3 times, Chopping, Stacking and Burning, I will settle just for the last option.

There was a birthday last month and it was combined with a demo in Chipping Campden, followed by a stay in a cottage in the Forest Of Dean.
This was a lovely treat, as I have never explored this area and peeping at the cottage information it has a LOGBURNER, fantastic news.
We arrived at the cottage, unpacked and went for a walk around the village of Staunton, the weather was glorious for the end of October and I did not need my coat all holiday.

The next day was my Mistresses birthday and after cards and presents in the sunny conservatory, we set off for a days walking through the forest to Symonds Yat. It was beautiful and tranquil walking through the forest, unfortunately I was on my lead the whole time and missed the fun of chasing all the squirrels.
We also heard the wild boar during the day, but did not get the chance to spot any, the closest we got was wild boar sausages on the menu of the local pub.

On arrival at Symonds Yat after a coffee and cake, we decided to walk up to Symonds Yat Rock, its a glorious view down to the valley and the River Wye.
Later on a lovely birthday dinner at the pub in Staunton (only two doors from the cottage) was called for, it was doggie friendly and also had a log burner so full marks all round.

Day 2 saw another walk, this time to Kymin Hill where there is a naval temple dedicated to the Admirals of the Fleet and wonderful views down to Monmouth.
The last day we kept the nautical theme going and visited Lydney Harbour, the Master loves old abandoned boats and spent time photographing and sketching.

All too soon it was time to come home and as we headed back to the Midlands, the weather decided to get wet and miserable.

The other piece of exciting news is that the Oil Pastel books have arrived and don`t forget, if you would like one of the first 50 personally signed and numbered books, with FREE Oil Pastel DVD just email and we can post your copy.
The embarrassing photo this month shows how exciting it was to receive the books….. begging for sales?

See you next month,
Freyja x


Mirror, Mirror on the wall ....

Hello and welcome to the October Doggy Blog,

It has been busy once again at the Fishers household, very varied, with a family wedding and the Master looking very dapper as Father of the Groom.

On the garden front, Project Pond is now complete with the installation of a garden mirror.
Now, to a Parson Jack Russell (with a bit of Beagle) a mirror is a very strange concept. To me it seems that another canine intruder has appeared in the garden and constant searching fails to find it !!
The humans seem to find it quite amusing, but I don’t agree.

A few weeks ago the Master took to the skies in a glider, as his birthday treat from the children and partners.
I stayed at home, but was treated to lunch at our local pub The Bell Inn afterwards.
Listening to the conversation, it seems the Master was launched via a winch line into the skies for a couple of flights, rather him than me !!

The middle of September saw us taking our new caravan for its maiden voyage to a lovely site, not far from home with nice walks and a very doggy friendly pub. All seems well with the new caravan, the sofa is comfortable for viewing the passers by and the panoramic front window is a doggy delight. It also has some smashing blown air heating, as I have heard talk of a November trip, it will definitely be needed then.

Due to the hot summer the owners have had a very good crop of chillies and the Master has this year grown the especially hot variety Naga.
The task of converting them to this years supply of chilli jam fell upon the Mistress, bearing in mind she does not like hot spices, this was quite a challenge ! Armed with a pair of safety glasses, rubber gloves and all windows open, she made the firey concoction and it is all bottled up. Now Mr Tim Fisher has always maintained a love of hot spicy food and even this batch of chilli jam can only eaten by him in tiny amounts.
Terriers are allegedly renowned for being curious, so I decided to investigate the science of chilli heat.
1. Scoville scale measures the concentration of Capsaicin, noted as SHU`s
2. Sweet Bell Pepper 100 SHU`s
3. Jalapeno 8000 SHU`s
4. Naga 1382118
5. Police Grade Pepper Spray 5300000
Conclusion ~ if you are ever at our house and get offered cheese and biscuits…. BEWARE

Finally for this blog….
BIG drum roll… the new Oil Pastel books have arrived at the publishers and our orders will be here next week.
Don’t forget the first 50 copies we sell are numbered and signed, with a complimentary
If you would like copy please
get in touch, there is a very good chapter on painting a very good looking Parson Jack Russell (with a bit of Beagle) No prizes for guessing who that may be and I am still trying to figure out if I will be allowed to paw print the first 50 copies too.

All the best till next time, I am off to see if my “twin” mirror image is still lurking in the garden.

I leave you with a few images from the last few weeks.

Freyja x